Galileo MicroBox Biomethane treatment modules and compression

Raw Biogas generally has a content of methane ranging from 50% to 75%. Galileo Microbox Bio produces RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) capable of being injected into pipelines or used in industrial applications such as boilers or as fuel for transportation.

Biogas production is increasing all over the world and Galileo’s solution efficiently resolves the challenge of cleaning the raw biogas for an effective use. We have a solution for large farms dealing with cow or hog manure or waste water treatment plants.

Just as for any of Galileo’s product range, the MicroBox Bio has a small footprint and features a modular design for easy installation and organic growth.

RNG Recovery Plant

SCADA Technology

Remote Process Control

Biogas Applications

Pipeline Direct injection into a gas pipeline
LNG Liquefaction into LNG with  Cryobox
Virtual Pipeline Transportation fuel or for industrial use (boilers)

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