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Nissan Leaf and Fast Charging Station

Galileo’s CNG Fueling Stations

For sustainable energy through CNG filling stations, CNG refueling station, and other EV solutions, turn to Verdek, the foremost company providing sustainable, clean energy for the future of transportation.

With the recent developments in green energy, many individuals are purchasing electric cars more than ever, allowing them to do their part in protecting the environment. However, this can be difficult for some individuals as there is only so far that an electric car can travel before needing to be recharged. Luckily, there are companies out there like Verdek, promoting EV solutions and new technology to make owning and operating a sustainable, environmentally-friendly vehicle easier than ever before. Verdek creates CNG filling stations and CNG refueling station that make it easy for you to charge your car while on the road, giving you peace of mind when you invest in an electric vehicle.

With over 2,000 installations worldwide, Galileo is the leader in CNG fueling stations. We offer a full range of systems from time fill to fast fill. Galileo’s CNG fueling stations offer great performance on a small footprint. They are designed with an explosion proof structure and run quietly fitting well even in residential area.

The Galileo stations can deliver as low as 0.5 GGE/min and as high as 13.7 GGE/min, the fastest station in the world. Our fueling stations are a plug-in solution and can manage inlet gas pressure of as low as 5 psi.

Galileo CNG fueling stations are UL and NFPA certified.

Check the videos to see the performance of the Galileo’s products for quietness and lack of vibrations.

Verdek is one-stop-shop, we offer:





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Case Studies

Case Study: Natural Gas Fueling Stations
PDF Singapore – World Largest CNG Station
PDF Madrid- 180 city buses refuel every hour
PDF Galileo Riverside Project


Leasing Option Available


PDFVerdek CNG Fueling Stations
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Designing a CNG Station

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Federal Incentives / Tax Credits

State Laws and Incentives
Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit

PDF Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Form 8199
PDF Verdek CNG Tax Credit



Galileo Fast Filling Station - 41 GGE in 3 minutes


Galileo No-Vibration Compressors


Galileo Modular CNG Stations


GNC Galileo SA - Corporate video




KWIK TRIP - La Crosse WI – May 10 2012


Verdek - Galileo CNG

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