Embrace the future of sustainable transportation by electrifying your commercial fleet, a transition that necessitates a robust and efficient Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for seamless operations.

Photo: ChargePoint

With Verdek’s comprehensive turnkey solutions, experience the ease and efficiency of upgrading your entire fleet or a specific segment. Witness a substantial reduction in fueling costs and operational expenses, propelling your business towards enhanced profitability and sustainability.

Here are a couple fleets that chose Verdek to provision their EV charging infrastructure:

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Stay Ahead with Compliance, Earn Acclaim for Eco-Friendly Initiatives, Optimize Operational Expenses, Go with VERDEK

Partner with Verdek for a Sustainable Fleet Transformation

Unite with Verdek in your journey towards a sustainable and eco-friendly fleet transformation. Let’s work together to not only optimize your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also fortify your commitment to environmental stewardship. Engage with Verdek today, and together, let’s drive the change towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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Select the model that suits your needs, and leave the responsibilities of permitting, installation, and inspection to us. We will provide comprehensive training on station usage and ensure all necessary maintenance is expertly handled.