In the contemporary era, green technology stands as a symbol of luxury and environmental responsibility, resonating with a discerning and affluent clientele.

Photo: ChargePoint

Elevate the stature of your hotel or retail stores by integrating Verdek’s cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This strategic move not only magnetizes a new wave of eco-aware customers but also significantly bolsters your financial performance.

Some of the brands trusted us to make their retail and hospitality business more climate-friendly 

Embark on a Sustainable Journey with Verdek

Align your business with the future of sustainability and innovation with Verdek. Attract a burgeoning market of environmentally conscious consumers and witness a remarkable enhancement in your bottom line. Contact Verdek today, and let’s illuminate the path to a sustainable and prosperous future together.

Get Turn-key Solutions

Select the model that suits your needs, and leave the responsibilities of permitting, installation, and inspection to us. We will provide comprehensive training on station usage and ensure all necessary maintenance is expertly handled.