Let's dive into the electrifying world of green transportation with zest!

Imagine stepping into a future where the hum of electric vehicles (EVs) blends with the rustling of leaves, a world where every road trip contributes to the health of our planet. That's the vision Verdek is charging towards!

The EV charging landscape is experiencing a surge like never before, and Verdek is at the forefront, sparking the revolution. Picture this: by 2040, the market could amplify from $7 billion to an astounding $100 billion, with the US brimming with over 35 million charge points to support the 92 million EVs expected to grace the roads.

Verdek's arsenal of EV charging solutions is as diverse as the ecosystems we pledge to protect. From the speed of Chargepoint® to the innovation of ABB®, and BTCPower® and the convenience of Webasto®, we're powering up homes, businesses, and fleets with technology that breathes sustainability.

But that's just the start! Verdek is harvesting the power of the sun to fuel journeys in the wild through its EV Oasis® brand—a beacon of hope in the most secluded corners. This solar-powered marvel stands proudly on a recycled shipping container, offering a lifeline to adventurers in national parks and beyond, ensuring that the only footprint left behind is that of sustainable travel.

Challenges? Certainly. From the steep initial costs to the maze of standards and regulations, we're navigating through a complex grid. Yet, the opportunities spark even brighter with rising eco-consciousness, robust support from stakeholders, and breakthroughs in EV tech that are making smart, wireless, and bi-directional charging a reality.

Our horizon is clear: a world where transportation is a synonym for sustainability. At Verdek, we're not just installing chargers; we're igniting change, driving down emissions, and accelerating towards a greener tomorrow.

Your enthusiasm, questions, and ideas fuel our mission. Reach out at info@verdek.com, or dial +1 (888) 336-3734. Together, let's electrify the path to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all!

Charge ahead with Verdek—where every journey matters, and every mile makes a difference!

Guy Mannino

Founder and CEO