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Verdek Electric Vehicle Solutions

Verdek - One-Stop Solution for
GREEN and CLEAN Technologies

EV Charging Stations,
CNG Fast and Time Fill Stations,
LNG Production

VERDEK is the leading solution-driven company for EV charging and CNG/LNG infrastructure for sustainable transportation.

Verdek EV Solutions
Verdek’s offers the best EV charging solutions for your requirements. We have a full range of home, public and DC fast charging stations, both networked and non-networked. We have the largest range of Chargers including Chargepoint®,  Aerovironment, Schneider, EvoCharge, Efacec, ABB. Verdek has a nationwide network of authorized installers qualified for installation, activation and onsite training. Consider our charging stations for your parking facilities, shopping malls, entertainment venues, condominiums or residence. Contact us at

Verdek CNG Solutions
Verdek offers a fulling range of CNG compressors from time fill for small fleet to fast fill for public stations and large fleet. Galileo’s Nanobox, Microbox, Gigabox offer low operating cost and small footprint make our stations the best in the world. Contact us at

Verdek LNG Solutions
Verdek’s LNG Mini Plants offer various solutions from flare mitigation in the Bakken or on demand LNG production for fleets, ferries, tug boats, trains and more. Galileo Cryobox offers great performance on a small footprint. Contact us at

Verdek Solar
Verdek offers solar power solutions for commercial and residential properties and energy storage solutions. Contact us at


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